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undisclosed charge for 16.97?

I was charged 16.97 on 4/16/2022 I have no clue as to what this charge is for the numbers associated with the charge shown on my statement are as follows: 24204292106003465784944 4899. Please help me with resolving this issue for this charge. I have not purchased anything for that amount.

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Re: undisclosed charge for 16.97?

Check your Roku account at for purchases and subscriptions.  If there's none there then it's not Roku charging you.  If you have multiple Roku devices you may have multiple Roku accounts, so check the email address on each one that's displayed under Settings->System->About.

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Re: undisclosed charge for 16.97?

Hi @JB141, we get that being charged for something you don't recognize is a real pain. We're here to help.

We're going to send you a DM to gather more details. Please, keep an eye on your inbox for us to help further.

@renojim, thank you for your post. These are some great steps towards a solution.

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