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Random accounts logged into streaming services

I bought my Roku TV 2 years ago brand new from Walmart. I recently noticed I was getting charged for multiple subscriptions that I never signed up for. But when I checked under the manage subscriptions section of my account, nothing was showing up. I was being charged for Disney+, HBO Max, WarnerMedia, CBS Interactive, and BET. I checked the apps on my Roku, and it seems there are random people I've never heard of with accounts on my Roku TV! The accounts are all random people, and emails I have never heard of, but they are using my debit card. Why is this happening? Do I need to cancel my debit card? It's super creepy.

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Roku Guru

Re: Random accounts logged into streaming services

Are any other Roku devices linked to the same account as the TV you referenced?  Are you sharing WiFi with someone else?

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Re: Random accounts logged into streaming services

No, the only Roku device I own is the TV. I am also not sharing Wifi with anyone. I live alone and the Wifi is password protected. 

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Random accounts logged into streaming services

Hi @mham24,

We appreciate your patience regarding this matter. I understand that you are receiving charges that you don't recognize.

We recommend that you course this through our Account-Billing Support team at so they may be able to appropriately assist you with this matter. 

If you need any additional help and we’ll follow up to continue assisting you.

Best regards,

Mary F.
Roku Community Moderator
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Reel Rookie

Re: Random accounts logged into streaming services

Many people have had a similar experience in this thread that Roku very helpfully just locked without resolving the issue.

In that thread I posted the following:

I found this thread after Googling because my mother just had the same issue. She has a Roku stick and never had a problem until today. She downloaded the Paramount+ app for the first time (never used it and never had a subscription). When she downloaded the app it was already logged in to someone else’s account with an email address that we didn’t recognize. What in the world Roku? There is a serious security hole somewhere and based on this thread this issue has been going on for over a year with no resolution.

I came back to post an update:

My mother discovered that she does know who the account belongs to. Apparently my cousin downloaded and  logged into his Paramount+ app when he was at her house over Christmas. However, he deleted the app off of the Roku when he left. My mom has been able to reproduce the issue as follows:

- She downloaded the Paramount+ app from the Roku Store and it was not logged into my cousins account. It asked her to login as expected. 
- She then deleted the app again. 
- Later she saw an ad banner on the main Roku menu for a movie she wanted to watch. It was a Paramount+ ad for the movie Smile. When she clicked on the ad, it downloaded the Paramount+ App automatically and was already logged into my cousins account. 

So there is some kind of bug where the Roku is remembering the old account that was associated with the deleted app, but only when the app gets installed via the ad banner and not when it gets installed normally from the Roku store. 

hope this helps in troubleshooting this issue. 

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