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Overpriced and won't give money back.

I got Disney plus 2 years ago for $69.00. It went up last year to 70 something which I got a notice about. This time it was $109.99 and I never authorized or got a message about it. I would like my money back and cancel Disney plus. I cannot find a way to reach customer service. 

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Re: Overpriced and won't give money back.

Hello @ccgodschild17

Thanks for getting in touch with us here at Roku.

It may be more effective to seek assistance from our Billing team for account and billing issues. You can contact them here and then choose 'Account, payments & subscription'. They are the most qualified to assist you in this matter.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!



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Re: Overpriced and won't give money back.

That sounds like the annual price. Once paid, you cannot get a refund. You can cancel, but it only stops renewal. Your subscription remains active until it expires.

Keep an eye on the news. Most all streaming services have raised prices. Other than Netflix, they all are big money LOSERS for their owners. They are raising prices and cutting new content to try and be profitable.

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Re: Overpriced and won't give money back.

@ccgodschild17 If you subscribed through Roku login to your Roku account on a phone or computer and go to manage my subscriptions.  If you subscribed through Roku the Disney Plus subscription will be listed and you can unsubscribe there.  Every subscription that I have ever had is nonrefundable so don't expect to get your money back for this year.  Also almost all subscriptions automatically renew so you may have not received a notice of renewal.

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