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Mysterious Roku charge prior to creating an account

I received a charge from Roku on 2/14/22 for 4.99. I created an account with Roku after seeing the charge, so that I could talk to someone. Previous complaints were advised to check their billing on their account. Obviously nothing shows up on mine. I would really appreciate having this charge refunded. 

Transaction posted to my account:

ROKU FOR P 8162728107 DE 8162728107 DE

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Re: Mysterious Roku charge prior to creating an account


One of two things is going on.

1) Either somebody with a Roku account used your credit card (maybe a family member), or ...

2) Your credit card was compromised and used by a scammer who provided "Roku" in the free text of the submission to your financial institution.

You see, when a financial institution get credit card data submitted to them, there is a description that is essentially free text. It can say anything.

It's supposed to say who made the charge, and contact information about it. However, it can contain any information.

If a thief (no other way to describe them) obtains credit card information, they can submit the information and fill out the text any way they want. They can put NASA, they can put Queen of England, they can put UNICEF, they can put Roku, they can put anything. In this case, they put Roku. They're thieves, so a lie on top of theft is kinda par for the course.

Since you never had a Roku account, there's no way Roku got the information. Someone compromised a system that had that credit card information -- restaurant, gas station, online store -- and some thief (maybe a different person) ended up with it. They submitted information and put Roku in the description.

Roku didn't do this. Some thief did and then lied about it.

From the Roku end, go to and fill out what you can there.

On your end, report it as fraud to your financial institution.

Also: tagging @Jeremiah-Roku  who is a forum contact for billing.

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Note: I am not a Roku employee.

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