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Giving my Roku Express to a veteran. How do I change the account over to him?

I have a new TV and no longer need my Roku Express.  I am donating it to a veteran who lives in a campground that has Wifi.  How do I cancel my account and set up an account in his name?

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Re: Giving my Roku Express to a veteran. How do I change the account over to him?


Go to and log in. Scroll down to the bottom. There is a list of the devices tied to your account. Unlink the ones you want.

Go to that device and navigate through the menu to restart it. Depending on the device, there may be a Factory Reset option there. That does exactly that.

He'll need to create a Roku account, and when he ties it to his account, it'll be as if he got it new.

As for canceling your account, you can, from that same Roku page, deactivate your account. That may not be the best option for now, until he's set up. Once everything is clear regarding all devices, subscriptions, purchases, and anything else, then you should be able to deactivate your account.

Keep in mind that if you keep your account, you'll still have access to these boards (they use the same account) if you have need to contact Roku or community support going forward. But you may want to go to Communication Center from the Roku account page and ensure you are unsubscribed from everything.

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