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Charging account without my permission

I have a monthly chart on my debit card I signed in to my roku account there is no debit card associated with that account I can't get it canceled I've called and called this has been going on for months

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Re: Charging account without my permission

Hello @angeliap1969

Thanks for getting in touch with us here at Roku.

It may be more effective to seek assistance from our Billing team for account and billing issues. You can contact them here and then choose 'Account, payments & subscription'. They are the most qualified to assist you in this matter.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!


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Re: Charging account without my permission

@angeliap1969 If there is no payment method associated with your Roku account when you login on a computer or phone the charge is not from Roku and they will not be able to help.  If that is the case you need to contact your financial institution.

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Re: Charging account without my permission

Why do I have a recurring charge on my account every month????

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Re: Charging account without my permission

Hi @tjohnson3911,

Welcome to the Roku Community!

Thanks for letting us know about the unknown charges that occur in your account. Kindly contact the Accounts and Billing team to further assist with your concern. You can contact them at this link: Accounts and Billing. Select the Accounts and Billing option to be directed to their contact information.

We hope for the best for you.

All the best,

Takashi O.
Roku Community Moderator
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