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unable to connect wireless suddenly

My Roku has been connected for months with no problems but disconnected from the network randomly and will not reconnect. My network does show up, but when I try to connect I get the red X for Wireless Connection. It says it has excellent strength. I have tried restarting the router and restarting the Roku. I have unplugged both the router and roku from power and plugged them back in. I definitely have my wifi password correct. I have other devices connected successfully to the wifi, so it is working. I have separated my 2.4GHz from the 5GHz band and it only picks up the 2.4, which is on channel 6 and set to b/g/n. I have moved the roku closer to the router. I have moved the roku farther from the router. Is there anything else I can try?

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Re: unable to connect wireless suddenly

Do you know if your Roku device supports 5GHz?  What's the model number displayed under Settings->System->About?  As for 2.4GHz, are you using any kind of content blocker on your network or anything else that might be out of the norm?  I don't know if anyone knows exactly why some(?) routers require b/g/n, but try setting it to just g/n to see what happens.  You might also want to connect to an alternate network like your phone's hotspot and then check for an update if it connects.

Beyond that, it might be helpful to know who your ISP is and the model number of your router.

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