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Wi-fi Connectivity issues Roku Express + 3910RW

I have a house full of Rokus, and have been using Rokus for close to 10 years. I have a Roku Ultra (replaced a 3 with the gaming remote), a Roku Express 3930X 4k +, 2 Roku Express + 3910RWs, a streaming stick 4k for vacations, and two TCL Roku TVs (65" and 43") so I am pretty familiar with them and how they work. Of all these, one of the 3910RWs is glitchy.

I've read all the posts and documentation, so here's what *may* be the problem: is it really, truly an issue to be too close to the wifi access point? I can't hard wire it (no ethernet on the 3910RW), and can't move it further away (limitations of the room), so right now it's an issue with connectivity.

My wifi network consists of the main cable modem 1gb wifi router from Xfinity (Comcast), and then two access points (one in the living room and one in the garage) and a repeater elsewhere in the house. The first access point is in the living room, literally inches beneath the 65" TCL Roku TV, which I hardwired to the access point because it's the main viewing TV and I don't want any issues. The second access point is in the garage, roughly 10 feet from a 3910RW and the 3930X, both connected via wifi and operate perfectly. The 43" TCL is in my bedroom and connects to the living room access point, with no issues.

The Roku Ultra is in the kids' playroom and connects via wifi to the repeater. No issues here either. The last 3910RW is in the home office, about 8 feet away from the main Xfinity (Comcast) 1gb cable modem wifi router. THIS is the one with the issues... it constantly loses it's connection with the wifi, but I can't physically move the devices any further away from each other, and with no ethernet, I can't hardwire it to my network. Almost every time I use it (about once every few days) I have to reconnect it to the network it already claims to be connected to... It makes a network connection, but no internet connection. I restart it through the option offered, and it usually works... but not always the first time. I have tried to connect it to the repeater and/or one of the other access points, and it won't make a connection at all.

Is the issue that it really is physically too close? Or is this particular Roku glitchy and has a radio issue with the wifi? The other identical model Roku in the garage is only about 2 feet further away and never has an issue. Should I swap it with one the garage Rokus and see if the issue continues? The other reason I think this particular 3910RW has a problem is that on ALL of my Rokus, I upgraded remotes from IR to RF voice remotes, and they all work fine except this office one - it connects to the IR remote just fine, but the RF remote doesn't seem to ever work right, and if it does connect to the R3910RW (sometimes it won't work at all), not all the features work on it. I have tried re-pairing the RF voice remote dozens of times unsuccessfully, and yet it still kind of works, but not always.

Like I said, I've read all the documentations and posts, and haven't seen this exact issue. Hoping for some closure on this this.

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Re: Wi-fi Connectivity issues Roku Express + 3910RW

I have a new Roku Express+ (3910 series)  that I bought to replace my express stick. The 4k+ drops in the middle of streaming often and I have to power off and on. This does not happen with the stick at all.

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Re: Wi-fi Connectivity issues Roku Express + 3910RW

@nuxor, you should swap them just to see what happens, but I have a 3910 with poor Wi-Fi reception that seems to be getting worse as it ages.

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