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Was working great then no signal appears

I have read all the hints and tried several. Now I'm afraid I'm in a real mess. My Express 4K was working great and in a short time I fell in love with it. Until I turn it on a day ago an keep getting a "no signal" message.i rebooted router and Roku no change. Following direction on my account said to delete my device. I did. Information in troubleshooting said reset to factory settings. I did. Other suggestions said go to my settings etc.  I can't do anything as Roku won't come up at all. I have been to my.Roku and will only recognize me through google. My app says wrong email/password. I have changed password 3 or 4 times now. My Roku tv shows up but not my express which I use in our living room. Can any one please help.  

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Re: Was working great then no signal appears

A couple of thoughts:  “No signal” is a thing a TV displays when it isn’t receiving a video signal from a video device.  It has nothing to do with Wi-Fi/routers.  I see “no signal” routinely when I turn my TV on, but haven’t turned on, or woken up the source device.  (So “no signal” is not really a sign of anything wrong, in itself.)

For example, if you press the power button to turn on the TV, and the Roku is asleep, because the power saving feature is turned on, then you may see “no signal”.  At that point, you press something like HOME on the Roku remote to wake the Roku up and a few seconds later, the home screen should appear.  Some people make the mistake of pressing power a second time, which turns the TV off instead of waking the Roku up.

Another possible simple explanation is that the TV was simply on the wrong input all this time.  This is corrected with the TV remote.  Or the HDMI cable came unplugged.  Or the power cable.

You say you did a factory reset – did you see that process happen on-screen?  If not, I’m thinking the TV has been on the wrong input.

Are you using the Roku remote for this?  I ask, because you mentioned the app, and if you have factory reset your Roku, then your app will not work with your Roku until you get your Roku back on the Wi-Fi and that step will require a real remote.

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