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Trouble connecting to internet - tried a lot

Hi! I've had the basic remote for about two years with no issues at all until about 6 months ago. I have Xfinity internet, and suddenly my roku stopped connecting to the internet. I will have a wirless connection, but not an internet connection. This happens when the roku TV is in the living room (next to the kitchen where the router is) and also while in my bedroom (further from the router). I often use my mobile hotspot, which usually connects to wireless and internet, but even that isn't working tonight as I write this out. I have another streaming box, given to me through xfinity, and no issues connecting to the internet with that or any other devices regardless of location in my apartment. I've tried restarting, unplugging the roku box and my tv, going to the secret menu and resetting the drivers, and while some of those things seems to work sporadically, nothing has been reliable. Is this an issue with roku? With my specific roku remote? I just can't believe it's an issue with my internet because the roku is literally the only device that struggles with it, and is even refusing to connect to my Hotspot now. I've also had the same internet provider and apartment before and after these problems began  Thanks!

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Re: Trouble connecting to internet - tried a lot


If you have a 2.4ghz only Roku device, and Xfinity as your ISP, try changing your "Wireless Mode" under the 2.4ghz Wireless settings in your router to b/g/n.  

However, if your Roku device is having problems staying connected to both your network and your mobile hotspot, it may just be on its way out.

Try powering from a wall outlet with USB power adapter (any 5volt, 1amp cell phone charging adapter should work).

Feel free to post back with update and model number of your Roku device (Settings/System/About) if still having issues.

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