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roku remote NOT connecting to ROKU via public Wi-Fi - I have device ID and PW

roku 3820RW remote

When I "register" the roku remote, after finding my wifi network, and after selecting "home and dorm connect"    I am presented with  home and dorm connect screen showing ID and PW. 

However there is no Entry screen for these 2 fields - as I've seen on at least one Yahoo clip for Installing a Roku.

Please help me find the "wireless settings" this screen refers to?

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Re: roku remote NOT connecting to ROKU via public Wi-Fi - I have device ID and PW


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community!

Can you clarify what you mean by registering the remote? Is the device already been activated? What are the steps to reproduce the issue? Please also provide screenshots/videos of what is happening on screen.

With more information, we can assist you further.

All the best,

Kariza D.
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Re: roku remote NOT connecting to ROKU via public Wi-Fi - I have device ID and PW

By "registering" I mean that after connecting the powered HDMI stick into my TV (and changing TV Input device). the screen shows "How to pair with remote" for 30 secs. then switches to "Lets get Started" screen and prompts for "Language" and preselects English. 

At this point I'm able to scroll the language options, which means my Remote has registered with the TV (Roku) app loaded from t6he HDMI stick. 
Qu.1. Is this what you mean by ".......[has the] device already been activated?"

However the real issue here is the "Hotel and Dorm" wifi Connection step, where a Device ID (remote device?) and P/W are provided for entry into Wireless Settings.  But WHAT Wireless Settings? What entry fields for ID and PW. 

Also the Roku app on the TV freezes, none of the Remote's buttons function, and I have to RESET Roku device (to reload the Roku app) by briefly disconnecting power to the Stick device.

BTW.  Your chat box Zado yesterday determined that I had to setup my device on a non-public network (or hotspot) first.  Since then I haven't found the steps to do this using my phone's hotspot facility.  When I open the hotpot (with the cell next to my TV) in my room with hotel Public WiFi, where do I place

A) the stick? Plug into TV? Next to cell hotspot?

B) the remote

C) the cell?

Qu.2. I'm not clear on what steps to expect/follow to "setup" with hotspot. 
Does the on-TV screen display a Roku app and dialog for entering the device (?) ID and PW shown during my previous connection attempts on hotel's WiFi. 

Currently Remote ID - DIRECT-roku-32W-BOE284 or B0E284 i klucze16315920

Maybe you have a link to a "setup steps" that give such directions?  Alternatively, would your (816) support center talk me thru the steps?



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Re: roku remote NOT connecting to ROKU via public Wi-Fi - I have device ID and PW

@INXS9000RPM, you can't use Hotel/Dorm connect for the initial setup, as I think you've discovered.

Turn on your phone's hotspot feature.  If you need help with that, post what kind of phone it is - Apple vs. Android.

Once the hotspot is enabled, plug the stick into the TV and connect the power (the USB cable).  It should come up on the "Select a language" screen and hopefully your remote is operational.  If it isn't, press and hold the pairing button on the back or inside the battery compartment until the light starts flashing.  If it doesn't pair, disconnect the power to the stick for a few seconds and reconnect it.  Once it restarts it should pair.

Once you've selected your language it should display Wi-Fi networks.  Look for your phone's hotspot and connect to that.  The name of the hotspot should be shown on the phone along with a password you can set.  Select the hotspot and enter the password shown on the phone.  Hopefully you'll get through the initial setup and then you can go back to the Hotel/Dorm connect.

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Re: roku remote NOT connecting to ROKU via public Wi-Fi - I have device ID and PW

Seeking further Guidance

I took my Roku to a PC repair shop. The technician connected the Stick into a screen connected to his private network.  The Roku immediately received an Update download, and then called for a Vision TV app download. A minute later the TV connected to Roku channels(?).  At this point I assumed the Stick was ready for connecting to a Dorm / Hotel public network.

When I then tried to connect the Stick to my hotel WiFi it did not work.  As I've described before, the wireless (for dorm/hotel) "search" process presents a screen with Device ID and PW. and the Roku app freezes.  So my Roku is inoperative for the 8th day since purchase.

RenoJim Please understand that I highly value and appreciate your guidance and contribution.  What I hope for now is that this case is addressed by Roku who have already provided a Case # 6896091 dated 1/30/23. I imagine Roku has techies who have a resolution they've applied many times since this new model was released.

BTW. The Chat Techie, Zado who answered this case. stopped after determining I needed to setup on a Private WiFi first.  However, this Chat directive has not resolved my inability to connect.  I have screen-image of the problematic Roku on-screen display of the ID and PW dialog.  I have pdf and jpg images I can fwd to SOMEBODY!

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Re: roku remote NOT connecting to ROKU via public Wi-Fi - I have device ID and PW


Thanks for the post.

If you are currently in contact with a member of our Support team, we would recommend continuing to work with them as they would best be able to assist you moving forward.


Danny R.
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Re: FIXED - roku remote NOT connecting to ROKU via public Wi-Fi - closed # 6961889 & 6944474

My Reply to a Support Satisfaction Survey:

Your phone Support service only functioned properly when Surya came-up with the solution.

- Why is this solution not available in any of the online Help guides?

- Similarly, why is it unavailable to the WiFi & Networking "Community"?

- Finally, why did I have to jump thru so many hoops - posting to the Community, and to Support - before getting the solution by my calling phone support?

After my Roku app displayed the Wireless Connection (for hotel & dorms) screen - showing Device ID & OW - Surya had me scan my CELLPHONE for local WiFi networks. He drew my attention to a ROKU network entry which had appeared on my cell. Upon selecting it, a Device screen appeared with ID and PW data already loaded, and the Setup Completed.

I don't know whether Surya initiated this ROKU network link on my cell, or if it was projected from the Roku app.

I trust you will Document this as a solution for Hotel & Dorm WiFi connection problems, as well as Documenting preceding hassle of first having to setup the new, new Roku Stick through a PRIVATE WiFi network, before being able to Setup on a PUBLIC network.

Thanks again to all who kindly responded to my Query


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