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Streaming stick won't connect to wifi without internet

I have a Streaming Stick that I have used in conjunction with a RAVPower FileHub to stream local media without an internet connection while staying at hotels. (The FileHub is a fantastic device that runs a DLNA server over a private wifi network. On the go, my entire family can simultaneously stream from their devices from a single library loaded on an SD card on the FileHub. It can be used anywhere to create an ad hoc wifi network to stream media without an internet connection. I don't have to load any local media on their devices and the size of the library we bring is only limited by the number of SD cards we want to carry along.)

The last time I used my Roku Streaming Stick while traveling in late 2022, I was able to connect to my FileHub's network and stream media in the Roku Media Player like I have for years. I tried to use it on a trip a few days ago and the Streaming Stick refused to stay connected to my FileHub's wifi network because there was no connection to the internet. It displayed "Not Connected" in the upper right corner and Roku Media Player couldn't see the DLNA server.

From looking at the system information, I can tell a software update was automatically applied to the Streaming Stick while it was connected to my home wifi around February 2023. This must have changed the behavior of the Streaming Stick to now require an internet connection to stay connected to the wifi network.

Two questions: (1) Is there an easy way to roll back to a previous version of the operating software? (Answer is "no" from what I've researched.) (2) Is there a work around to force the Streaming Stick to stay connected to a wifi network even if there no internet connection available?

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Re: Streaming stick won't connect to wifi without internet


Thank you for the post!

It's possible that the Roku Streaming Stick has undergone a software update or change that now requires an internet connection to connect to a Wi-Fi network, even if the network is a local network like your FileHub's network.

You could try the following steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Try connecting the Roku Streaming Stick to another Wi-Fi network that has internet connectivity to see if it connects and functions properly. This will help to rule out any issues with the device itself.
  • Check if there are any new software updates available for your Roku Streaming Stick and update it if necessary.
  • Check the settings on your FileHub to ensure that it is broadcasting its network as a private or closed network, rather than as a public network. This can sometimes cause issues with devices connecting to it.
  • If your FileHub supports a guest network feature, try connecting to that network and see if the Roku Streaming Stick connects and functions properly.

We hope it helps!

Warm Regards,

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