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Reel Rookie

Streaming on Ultra 4660R freezes

I have a 2017 Ultra 4660R connected to a 2016 Samsung 4K/HD series 8 with a Smart Hub. The audio and video has recently started to freezes and then will reboot back to the Roku home menu. This happens regardless of which channel I may be viewing, DirecTV, Prime Video, Disney +, or PBS. I can view Prime Video and Disney + on the Samsung Smart Hub without any problems with the freezing. DirecTV and PBS are not compatible with the 2016 Samsung and must be viewed with a streaming devise. How do I stop the freezing on my ROKU?

UPDATE: I posted this request for help or suggestions on how the correct a problem last week. To date there has been 100 views, but there have not been any solutions posted. Now the freezing is occurring while viewing a recorded DirecTV program, even freeze while the recording is on hold. After the freeze it reboots back to the Roku Home page, but with any app. I unplug the power for 20 sec and re-plug. I now believe the problem is my Roku Ultra. Any thoughts?

Binge Watcher

Re: Streaming on Ultra 4660R freezes

I would like to know more about it. Thank you so much for this thread here. 🙂

Reel Rookie

Re: Streaming on Ultra 4660R freezes

Thanks for the kudo. I posted this request for help or information regarding streaming with my Ultra 4660R freezing then rebooting back to the Roku menu or home page. The post has had 135 views and one reply in 4 weeks, but zero solutions. I came to the conclusion that the problem was the Roku streaming device not the Wi-Fi or internet connection. I purchased a new device and have connected it to my TV two weeks ago and have not had any issues with the video or audio freezing. I would like to have seen a longer life on my Ultra then five years, but Problem Solved

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