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Re: Streambar Pro won’t connect 5ghz


Update - As I was reading another thread this evening, it looks like the DFS exclusion list was edited a couple weeks after this posting (1/25/2024) and the Streambar 9101X is now on the list of excluded devices.


Models that do not support DFS channels: 3600X, 3800X, 3810X, 3811X, 4200X, 4201X, 4205X, 4210X, 4210X2, 4230X, 4230X, 4230X2, 4620X, 4630X, 4640X, 4660X, 4660X2, 4670R, 6301X, 6302X, 6303X, 6102X, 6103X, 6104X, 6106X, 6107X, 6108X, 6109X, 6110X, 6112X, 6113X, 6114X, 6402X, 6403X, 6404X, 6405X, 6406X, 6407X, 6408X, 6409X, 9101X


Not really sure why it on the list unless it uses a different revision/version of the 9102 SoC that can't be addressed via firmware update. (I don't think it is a remote issue).  I guess it could also be a certification issue and can make its way off the list in the future.

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Re: Streambar Pro won’t connect 5ghz

I had 1 day about 2 weeks ago where I connected at 5ghz.  I have to assume it was the DFS channel that day.  Roku flat out isn’t supporting DFS on one of their higher end devices.  It may be time to go back to AppleTV.



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