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Stick 3820x2 keeps dropping connection

The Roku stick constantly drops the internet connection. I have a LG smart tv and the connection works/holds while streaming.  I have done everything you suggest (unplug, reset, recycle the modem, etc) several times and the stick connects then drops the connection after 20-30 minutes.  
I finally pulled out an old stick that’s a few years old and it works without issue. I’ve included the tracking info.

it would be nice if Roku would send a replacement or a credit for new product.  I purchased this 3/4 months ago so clearly product is defective.


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Community Moderator

Re: Stick 3820x2 keeps dropping connection

Hi @Help18,

Greetings from the Roku Community, and thanks for raising this concern directly with us!

We'd love to take a closer look into this issue that you had with the Roku streaming stick since it was disconnecting from your Wi-Fi. How far is your Roku device from your network router? Did we recently make any changes to your network or network provider? Do you have cellular data, so we can try connecting your device to your hotspot?

In the meantime, please move your Roku device closer to your Wi-Fi router to improve the Wi-Fi signal strength. Disconnect other devices from your Wi-Fi network to check for any network congestion. Check your network settings to make sure they are properly configured.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Roku Community Moderator
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