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Roku Ultra - wireless network issues - no Interference menu option

Dear Roku support,

Its 2023 now..   My Amazon firestick are so slow  and I would replace them with Rokus except for this is wifi direct issue..   the signal is so strong... I can use my Roku remote from outside my house to change channels.. 

 So far the solution so far ( I think )  , from the community are;

a.) Open up my premier+ and remove the antennas to reduce the signal

b.) Turn off wifi direct (P2P?, Roku put this ability back) and then use a phone to control the Roku ..making the remote useless.

c.) Enclose the Roku is a Faraday cage to reduce the wifi signal?

Can Roku confirm that say for a 4k Max stick it still blast a wifi direct signal for the remote ?       Why can't Roku let us turn down that signal in the remote that is 10 feet from the TV?  

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