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Roku Still not connecting

My Roku says it is not connected. I have followed all of the instructions 10 times over and it is still not connecting. I get an error 014.3 and it doesn't matter what I do it will not connect to my wireless network. Yes, my internet is active and working, just not my Roku. What now?

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Re: Roku Still not connecting


If your Roku device is a 2.4ghz-only device and you have a cable ISP (Xfinity/Comcast, Cox, or AT&T), verify that your 2.4ghz band is Enabled and Broadcasting, you have a wireless channel set to between 1 and 11 (preferably 1, 6, or 11), and that the "Wireless Mode" is set to b/g/n

The above settings can be changed/"edited" under the 2.4ghz wireless settings at your router or through the ISP accompanying mobile app if applicable.  Some ISPs have recently disabled user modification of these settings so may need to call the ISP to have them make these changes for you.

Feel free to post back router model number and ISP (internet service provider) if you need more help.  Also include Roku model number (Settings/System/About) as well as Software version number and build of Roku OS.

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