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Roku SSID Help needed for unique situation

I have a really unique situation.  I work IT in a hospital and our children's cancer wing uses Roku that the SSID is blasting and causing network interruptions.   I have been instructed to remove them from the kids rooms unless a solution can be found.  I DO NOT want to be that monster I need to know if there is a particular model, I can purchase to turn off SSID broadcasting so I can meet them middle of the road so to speak and everyone wins.   Any instructions are greatly appreciated.

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Re: Roku SSID Help needed for unique situation

All of the current models support Voice remotes which use Wi-Fi Direct which is where that SSID is coming from.  Try disabling "Device connect" under Settings->System->Advanced system settings.  You will have to use a Simple (IR) remote once it's disabled.

@Tivoburkeeand/or @AvsGunnar probably know more about this than me.

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Re: Roku SSID Help needed for unique situation

I believe @renojim has provided the only answer currently available to users.

Some have reported that even the IR-only Roku devices still transmitted the hidden network (do not have one to verify).

On older Roku models, an additional setting could be enabled/disabled to limit the power of the transmission, but this was addressed in a firmware update to all Roku models to address the issue of the interference boost of this network.

Only way that I know for sure to lower the transmission is to currently lower the TX power at the router of the network the Roku device is connected to. (the AP)  I have not seen the hidden network higher than the network/AP. (Likely because this was the complaint seemingly addressed by the subsequent firmware updates).

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