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Reel Rookie

Roku Doesnt Stay Connected To New Arris G36 Surfboard Modem/Router Combo

I just bought a new Arris G36 surfboard modem/rouer combo, & set it up 4 days ago......the internet on my laptop & phones in the house work great, no problems at all. The problems I am having are with the two Rokus I have connected to my two tvs. 


I set up both Rokus & everything worked fine on the tvs for that day, but the following morning I turn on both tvs & it says no internet connection.......then I try to connect Roku to the wireless internet but it cant, so I have to restart both Rokus, & once they restart, both Rokus & tvs are working again for the entire day, no disconnect or disruptions until the following morning again, same problem.


For whatever reason, every morning I have to restart the Rokus to connect to the internet.......my question is, where does the problem lay? With the Roku products, or the new Arris G36 modem/router?


The Rokus are 3 years old, but work great with my 3 year old Arris modem/router I replaced......so im thinking the problem is the Arris G36......& im thinking of taking it back to Best Buy & purchasing a Netgear.


Any & all information would be greatly appreciated to solve the Roku connectivity problem to the Arris G36.



The Roku Express model# 3931RW


The other Roku is not an express......but both worked great with the 3 year old Arris modem/router


Reason I bought the Arris G36 is I wanted faster speed for download/upload


Also wanted to mention the Arris G36 gives you a choice of 5G or standard or both when using my laptop of cellphone, & im assuming it go in between the closer I am to the modem/router.


The Roku doesnt give me a choice in the WLAN list, its just standard I have to choose. Seeing my network is never the issue, its there, for whatever reason, both Rokus disconnect overnight. 

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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku Doesnt Stay Connected To New Arris G36 Surfboard Modem/Router Combo

(Fixed the problem by buying two new Roku stick 4k for each tv with both having 2.4 & 5g available internet connections......lets see if this works for a while, but for now, all is good)

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Roku Doesnt Stay Connected To New Arris G36 Surfboard Modem/Router Combo


Good to hear you got it resolved.  👍


For the Roku Express 3931 and other 2.4ghz-only Roku device, try using Wireless Mode b/g/n in your 2.4ghz band Wireless Settings of this router and see if that addresses your previous issue with disconnections and needing to restart.

Keep in mind that the Arris G36 is DFS compatible. (able to use DFS channels 52-140 on the 5ghz band).  Roku devices cannot currently see or use DFS channels so if you begin to see disconnections on your 5ghz band with these new Streaming Sticks, try disabling DFS capability in your router if you use Auto Channel Selection, or manually assign the 5ghz band to use a non-DFS channel 36-48, or 149-161.   

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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku Doesnt Stay Connected To New Arris G36 Surfboard Modem/Router Combo

Thanks for the information Gunnar! 

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