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Re: Roku 2 won't connect to internet I have tried resetting router and ping disable

@sabrinahamrick wrote:

OK the roku 2 in question was an older XD roku 2. I got curious and took it to work and logged onto the wifi there and it works fine. I also got another roku Model 3930x Still the same issue at home, it doesn't connect either. which leads me to believe there is a router issue.

It is a tplink tl-wr841n.

Perhaps something set up wrong but I have very little to no clue on those things

Roku's naming convention can lead to confusion. Briefly, those devices are 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz band) and some ISPs have altered their settings to g/n, making Roku devices that are 2.4 GHz only unable to connect.

Your Roku 2 XD (model 2050) is a legacy device, no longer supported by Roku). It is 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz) only. Note that the Roku 2 XD is not the same as a Roku 2 (model 2720 or 4210). Roku 2 devices are supported, and are dual band, able to connect on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The 2720 is not supported by some apps, but the 4210 is actually a Roku 3 (4200) internally. Unlike the Roku 2 (2720) the Roku 2 (4210) is supported by all current apps. Told you it got confusing.

The Roku Express (model 3930, and all models) are also 2.4 GHz only, and require the routers to be set b/g/n. It is a supported device, and is in the current Roku lineup. All apps support it, but some older Express (3700 specifically) are not supported by some apps. Also note that there are other current models that contain "Express" in the name -- Express 4K, Express 4K+ -- and they are both dual band.

All of that may be confusing, but it lays the groundwork for possible solutions, or at least steps to see if one or both of your devices can work with your setup.

Are you able to see the wireless settings of your network? Is it set to 802.11 g/n? If so, are you able to change it to b/g/n? If so, your devices may connect. Now, there are some other things that could still prevent connectivity, but this is where to start, and may resolve it by itself. Others have had success doing this.

One other thing. You have a really old Roku device with the Roku 2 XD. If you've had it a long time, that makes sense. However, if you got it second-hand (gift, hand-me-down, pawn shop, eBay, etc) then should you decide to replace it, look for a dual band device, whether an older device, or a new one. All current models are dual band, except the Express (3930), which is 2.4 GHz only.

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