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Re: PAST POSTS DO NOT APPLY: Roku Express keeps dropping wifi signal

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1. 3960 means you have an Express model that is dual band and is also DFS compatible/compliant.

2. Didn't answer.  I would login to the router's admin panel or try using the accompanying Mobile app (if applicable), and try disabling the use of DFS if enabled. (DFS causes automatic channel changes/scans under certain conditions within routers and some are better at it than others.  Additionally, the Roku device must also recognize the channel change and reconnect at the new channel location.  There may be a loss of communication at this point and contribute to diaconnectíon.  Without the router model number and ISP, I can't tell you if this feature is available to you, but disabling DFS if available should be a troubleshooting step.

Additionally, some routers have a QoS setting (quality of service) that you may be able to toggle on/off that sometimes helps or hinders connections of streaming devices and VoIP voice services.  Depending on what you have running on your network, may want to see if that setting, if available helps or makes worse (again, routers and their performance vary).

3. Try using the 2.4 ghz band and see if that stabilizes connection.  Otherwise, try using a different 5ghz channel 36-48, or 149-161 and see if that helps.  May just be on a congested channel.

4. Try disabling power saving feature under Settings/System/Power/Auto Power Savings.

5. Try using wall power. (Any 5volt, 1 amp cell phone charging adapter should work).  This should help eliminate a power supply issue asa culprit.

6. If you are not doing anything to reconnect, then the device is connecting again after successful pinging of the router.  Try disabling pings. (Use a browser search how to do this for Roku as we can no longer provide that info).  Repeated pinging by a device of a router may actually cause a disconnection depending on security settings of a router. (Some routers see it as a threat/attempted intrusion).

7. Since you have no error messages, may just be a simple case of network congestion or a weak/disrupted signal.  If none of the above work, try moving device closer to router 



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Re: PAST POSTS DO NOT APPLY: Roku Express keeps dropping wifi signal

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Hello, Roku is sending me private messages for resolution.

As helpful as your information is, there's too much! 🙂 Some of it I don't know how to do. I need to work on something here at home and then I'm following up with Roku who is sending me messages.

Perhaps if they're unable to resolve I will reach out to you again. Thanks.

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