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Reel Rookie

I am done with Roku any all it’s glitches

I have absolutely had it with the connection issues that started in 2021 and appears to be continuing into 2022. Works great for months then, will **bleep** out and not connect to wifi again.. this is my only means of tv.. and I have had it.. Roku has gone to **bleep**.. either they are updating and adding stupid stuff that ends up causing the system to have issues or something.. my internet company blames Roku, Roku blames my internet company.. and we’ll it’s getting to be ridiculous.. I have done all the tips, tricks etc and nothing works.. it will just start working when it wants.. the issue is.. it works great for months with no problem.. then bam.. and then it’s back at being unable to connect or something.. this is t a issue on my end it’s the product and the company’s issue.. 


I won’t buy another Roku device and canceling all my subscriptions and going back to dvds .. I am tired of watching a movie and half way it disconnects.. and then you can’t reconnect.. so F- Roku.


10.5.1 update for anyone? - Re: I am done with Roku any all it’s glitches

I hear ya. I'm almost there too, and I'm a brand new user. Gonna post my story here, cuz it seems like a good place:

My recent experience as a new user with Roku:
I first bought a Stick 4K to use with an older Isignia 1080p set. Upon setup, it updated to 10.5.0, and then showed all of the many symptoms we've heard repeatedly, including spontaneous freezes and restarts when trying to launch various channels. Also, much of the content on Roku's own channel simply would not play. I dug into the forums and learned all about it. I figured I would be returning it in favour of an Android system. However, then next day I noticed it had updated itself to 10.5.1. and seemed to be working very well, despite some blocked content.
OK, so I figured they sorted out their update and I would stay with it, but I wanted ethernet support and discovered the Stick models don't work with the adapters because they are soley wifi based including the remote (ie: no IR sensor), and aren't compatible with the OneForAll IR streamer remote with backlighting and tv/volume controls.
So, I returned it in favour of an Express 4K, and guess what?! Updated to 10.5.0, BUT it will not update past it, presumably to the latest and greatest 10.5.1! But there is no sign of it, so I can only assume that the 10.5.1 update was only for stick devices(?). Why is Roku not pushing 10.5.1 out to all the devices if it works well, which it did on the Stick 4k? Or do they have to write different versions of the OS for every different device? What the heck is going on?!
I need good and snappy performance, you know, what I paid for; and ethernet support; we like the device and want to keep it, but I will not settle for broken performance and access to only a fraction of the promised content. That's called fraud, and I'm certain you are not out to defraud your customers, correct???
What now? Well Roku, Android is lookin better and better every day. I got into this to cut the cord and to transition an elder person to a simple and usable system. We like it, but Roku is blowing it's own foot off here.
Roku, please respond meaningfully with a solution to successfully update to 10.5.1 (from the broken 10.5.0), or I will be returning this second unit for refund, and sending your lost business to your competitor.
Model 3940-CA - Express 4K
Serial Number X01600MXDDGT
Device ID S07S514XDDGT

Reel Rookie

Re: 10.5.1 update for anyone? - Re: I am done with Roku any all it’s glitches

Can’t even get the update.. because it won’t connect.. I have not used it for days as it won’t connect.. my network is visible.. but it won’t connect. But when I try someone else’s it will get to connect but stop at internet connection… I have the ulta.. but I am just done

Community Streaming Expert

Re: 10.5.1 update for anyone? - Re: I am done with Roku any all it’s glitches

@Dmb86 and @mkm38 

For the vast majority of users, it really is a simple plug in and play system regarding setup.  For others, some adjustments to the network may have to mbeverified and made. For a relative few, Roku just doesn't want to set up easily or at all.

First thing is to look at the router settings and make sure they are configured to properly work with the Roku devices.

Since you both have dual band devices (Express 4k and Ultra), they should be able to operate on either your 2.4 ghz or 5ghz bands of your network.

Once you login to your router, you have to verify that your "Wireless Settings" are configured similarly to below....

2.4 ghz band - Radio is ON/Enabled, SSID is ON/Broadcasting, Channel 1 -11 (preferably manually assigned to 1, 6, or 11 rather than "Auto", Mode/Protocol set to b/g/n, and Bandwidth/Channel Width is set to 20mhz.

5ghz band - Radio is ON/Enabled, SSID is ON/Broadcasting, Channel 36-48, or 149-161 rather than "Auto" (Roku cannot see or use DFS channels 52-140) and Bandwidth/ Channel Width is set to 20 mhz. 

Additionally, some routers cause an issue with the password authentication for Roku, so normal troubleshooting is to either disable the SSID password (for troubleshooting) or use a simple password with no special characters.

Others have found that initially using a mobile hotspot (if available) and then steering it over to the Roku connection may help.  Once the Roku makes a successful connection with your network, normally a pretty stable connection, for most.

Pertaining to the question re: Update build numbers.... Different Roku devices get different build numbers and at different times.  Even if you have multiple devices of the same model number in your house, you are likely to find that they will have different build numbers at any given time.  Eventually, they will all get latest update, but usually not all at the same time.

Feel free to post more particulars if still having issues, especially exact Roku model number, router model number, ISP (internet provider), and any errors you are seeing on screen.

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