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HDMI video pass through lost when connect to internet

I am trying to set up my Roku Express 4K through my Yamaha 3050 AV receiver to an Epson 4010 Projector.   I plug the Roku into the AV HDMI in port to start the set up.  Everything works and I have video.  I progress through the set up process and get to "connect to the internet".   The Roku sees all the possible Wifi connections and I select the one I use for all my other Roku devices.   I enter the password and get a green checkmark that says connected then  I lose video signal.   If I physically reset the Roku Express I have video again until I connect to the internet.  I lose video every time after getting the connected message.

I have:

       Installed a Audioquest HDMI cable

       Connected the Roku Express directly to the the HDMI on the Projector - Video works fine

       Tried Roku in other HDMI ports on Receiver - No video but other devices (dvd, tv tuner) work fine

        Tried a Roku Express that works on another TV.   Same result works when connected to other tv's or directly to the projector but not when in the HDMI in ports on the receiver.

         Changed the video manually to 720 and 1080 on the Roku Express still no video when plugged into the receiver.

It seems  some video setting changes when the unit connects to the internet but I can not find any other post about something like this.


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