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Express 4k+ was working and the next morning it was not

Express 4k+ connected to dumb TV.  Two other roku devices in the house are working (different models). Morning of the issue turned TV on and there was displayed a vague message concerning software, there were no error codes. Went through a sequence of selecting a language, select wifi network, enter network password, green checkmark connected, spinning arrow with downloading message for about a minute, then message displayed Linking error /There was a problem connecting to the network. (actioniD:0  err:0:0) Please try again. Press the ok button to reconnect. Wifi signal strength is excellent. Connect a different roku device there it works.

I have done a power reset and a factory reset on the Express 4k+ and it just goes though the same above sequence.

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Re: Express 4k+ was working and the next morning it was not

Hi @realitycheck,

Welcome to the Roku Community!

We want to further investigate this issue that you had with the Roku Express 4K+ since it will not connect to your home network. Can you please provide the following information below?

  • How far is your Roku device from your network router?
  • Did we recently make any changes to your network or network provider?
  • Do you have cellular data so we can try connecting your device to your hotspot?

You may also want to check out this support article here.


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