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Are Roku Smart Home Devices "Matter" Enabled?

Are Roku Smart Home devices Matter enabled?  Most manufactures and all of the big brands are manufacturing their home automation devices in accordance with "Matter" the will seamless integrate all systems together and make installation , usability and functionality complete and easy.


I have had a home automation system of some sort/degree for nearly 20 years.  I've had WInk, Vera, Hubitat and SmartThings.  The biggest problem I've had is getting new devices to connect to the system, until now.  I discovered "Matter" enabled devices.  I read about the protocol and searched for some Matter devices.   found a few and bought them to see if the thing really works.  I was amazed.  It was so easy to connect, Just open an app, scan a QR code and boom! it's done.  I hope everyone go to Matter Enabled protocols on their devices, I just can't believe how easy it was.

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