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in ear wireless headphones support not available, yet

I would like to use my wireless headphones with my Roku Ultra, but there is no way to pair them even thou there is a Bluetooth settings page, it won't fit the Boltone Wireless Headphones.

Roku says they do not offer this feature.  I would love for them to add it and be able to connect my headphones. The structure and tech is there for other wireless options, remote, soundbar, please add support for wireless headphones.

I want to use the wireless headphones with my TV so as to have the volume I need without disturbing anyone else.

My solution has to been to buy an optical converter box and Sennheiser R120 over the ear phones.  Which work great btw, have them for the desktop computer as well. They are very comfortable to wear for a few hours.

The issue is I listen to podcasts, blogs while I am doing housework and the biggest issue is when I bend over to pick something up the phones fall off my head and onto the floor. I've tried to be aware but it keeps happening.  So a better audio solution would be for wireless ear buds that go in the ear and are light weight.

Anyone else appreciate this upgrade?  Please let Roku know. They might actually do it. And the patch can be rolled out in the existing update package.

Help,   dave

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