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Virtual Reality application

I would really like to see a Roku app for the PC that would allow me to use Roku in a VR space. The ideal setup would be a customizable Roku room with a big screen and 3d support. Something that could allow other Roku app users to join and watch if I wanted (with permission of course). Base model avatars with user import functions, or a full custom avatar creation program (more work you devs.) Some base seating and general objects to make a more home like environment for users. This could allow Roku to import all its channels into a VR environment and make it available as a standalone PC software and/or available to secondary providers for distribution on gaming platforms. A good unique hook could be a tablet object used as a controller for the screen that would allow you to open other Roku apps and search for movies without disturbing the one on the screen with options to be only usable by the host. I would pay a small one time fee for this but probably not a subscription fee. Other revenue options could be virtual product placement such as a soda can or a billboard in the distance outside the window with adds. As long as they are not to obtrusive or distracting.

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