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UI Improvements

First of all, I want to say I love my rokus.  I have 3 in my home and set one up for my mother at her home.  Where I live, I can get Direct TV and that's about it.  My Rokus have completely replaced any need for cable service.

Of course, there's always room for improvement, and I have a couple recommendations.

First, the ability to rearrange the channel icons through a website interface would be VERY helpful.  I am a channel pack-rat, and currently have 100+ channels on my devices.  Re-organizing the icons is a tediously slow task. The ability to do so via computer, to drag and drop them like icons on a desktop, would make this MUCH easier

The ability to create pages with different sets of channels (including having the same one on different pages) would also be nice.  In fact, this is an area where you can add parental controls and make pages that are kid-friendly and those that are less so.   I envision having a page for my news channels, one for movies, one for music, etc...  Maybe handle them like browser tabs?  Then, for the parental controls, perhaps lock them down.

On several services, such as Netflix, Disney +, and Hulu, I can have separate profiles.  Perhaps having separate profiles on the Roku that are able to automatically select service profiles (obviously this would require adding some kind of hook that the service developer can harness to see which profile is already logged in, and would require them to support the feature - but I'm pretty sure most of the big-names would be interested in this as well.

The ability to remove channels in bulk is also useful.  Perhaps going into an "edit mode" where you can check-mark the ones you want to remove and then do so all at once?

Adding Bluetooth connectivity would also be REALLY nice.  I'd love to be able to use a bluetooth keyboard instead of the on-screen keyboard option.  Yes, the phone app is helpful here, but being able to use a bluetooth keyboard is even better (in fact, there are several low-cost options that you could probably bundle with some systems for an up-charge).

One more idea: informational screens for each channel which can show you info on the channel such as last update, last watched, and a brief description would be nice.

Again, overall I love my Roku devices.  I just see lots of room for UI improvements. I know you need to keep ads on the screen, and I have no problem there.  But making the system more user-friendly would be a huge benefit to all.

Thanks for listening!

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