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SmartHome viewing workaround on PC

I have found the best way to view your SmartHome devices on your computer. This requires a Microsoft account on Windows PCs only. It also might work with Windows Tablets but I have not confirmed that as I do not own any Windows Tablets. Follow the directions below to see your cameras.

1. Use the built-in "Link to Windows" on the computer you are using. (In the search bar on the bottom of the taskbar search "Phone Link"

2. Follow the directions given to connect your phone (Android or iPhone) to your computer.

3. Once you are connected, search the apps to find the SmartHome app and open it. (Turn your phone vertical or horizontal and the app will show the same.)

You will also have complete access to your phone while you are using the desktop or laptop. I have confirmed games do not work directly through the phone link program (they close). If you have any issues opening things, check to make sure you have the fingerprint access disabled. Pass code locks are fine but the program has issues with providing the fingerprint on the lock screen. Once I disabled that for the app I needed in the setting of the app itself, it worked. ****DO NOT TURN OFF THE FINGERPRINT IN THE ACTUAL SETTING WHERE YOU INPUT YOUR FINGERPRINT TO STORE!****

Please note that I do not work for Roku or any of their respective affiliate companies. I am just a user who likes Roku products but also has a technical background and understands the frustration everyone (including myself) has with not being able to login to Roku and view your cameras via a web browser (even though they are storing the videos on their servers).

Hopefully Roku does not flag or delete this post. This is only meant to help those wanting to view on their PC while working or just using their laptops or desktops as phone apps tend to have a small screen. Hopefully in the future, we can just log into our Roku accounts via a web browser to view our cameras.

I believe the reason (In my opinion) is that Roku does not own the software at this time and the OEM software is loaned to Roku and they are limited to using the SmartHome app. As another user said in a post I found, Wyze the company after 1 year allowed web viewing to their cameras. Since these Roku devices are so new, it may be another year or 2.

If you read to the bottom of this post, thank you and i hope the above steps help ease your frustrations for a temporary workaround.

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