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Camera Viewing in App with SD Memory Card without Subscription

Will Roku eventually allow camera viewing in the Roku app via the SD Card without a subscription? 

We are standardizing on Wyze Cameras for home security and Roku for TV Streaming.  This avoids Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft from spying on parts of our lives, since they spy on everything else. 

For home security, Wyze allows you to view SD Card content on the app without a subscription.  Currently, Roku does not allow viewing of SD Card content on the app without a subscription. 

We would be willing to purchase Roku home security products (cameras) if they add this feature.  Today (March 2024), We just purchased another Wyze camera, instead of a Roku camera, because Roku does not have this feature. 

Some of us can't afford monthly subscriptions, but need the home security.  If we purchase a Roku camera and a Roku SD Card, I don't understand why Roku won't let us view our camera in the app?  This just doesn't make sense.