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Recent apps / recently viewed

I think it would be a much appreciated feature to have a row or category under the home button dedicated to recent apps and or recently viewed button that would take us directly to the movie or TV episode most recently watched and pick up from there. And with the recent apps row or category, we would have a line of the latest 3 to 5 apps that we accessed or a most used app category. Also, it would be great if there was a way to customize remotes with shortcut buttons. There's already several variations of remotes that go out with the players but I'm sure 90 percent of people have 2 buttons max that they use and the other 2 are for apps that will never be used. Anyway, Thanks for all that you do! Ever since I bought my first roku, I've never looked back at any other device aside from occasionally booting up my nvidia for it's external storage capabilities (maybe an idea for a new roku feature?) 

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