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Roku Streambar Sleep Timer

Please add a sleep timer to the Roku Streambar! I have Roku Streambars synced to my Roku TVs. Since they auto sync, I'm unable to use the TVs sleep timer and the Roku Streambar doens't have a sleep timer.


Re: Roku Streambar Sleep Timer

And most importantly please add two functions that allow you to set a custom sleep timer for less than 30 minutes and a feature that allows you to shut off TV at the end of an existing program this would be massive help for kid bedtime routines. 30 minutes is way too long and it would save tons of time and frustration in our family


Re: Roku Streambar Sleep Timer

I was surprised and sad when I discovered that my Roku Pro Streambar did not have a sleep function. I expected it since my Roku 4 had this function, but not the soundbar. I really like my soundbar, but it's always frustrating that I can't set it to auto sleep. When a room mate leaves the TV on it won't turn off the TV like the Roku 4 did.... what happened?

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