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Add Manual Proxy Configuration Via Roku Update

Please... This topic has been recommended by many people already. Roku has ignored the recommendations and requests, and I'm here to say that that is not acceptable.


The other posts I've seen about requesting a manual proxy configuration for Roku TVs were for other reasons we all have our own reasons of why we want manual proxy configuration settings for our Roku device.

How can you create an internet compatible device that doesn't allow you to set up manual proxy configuration? That's almost unheard of.

I, myself use the Tetherfi App to convert my phone data to hotspot data so I don't have to pay for hotspot data through my phone carrier, and to do that I've got to run it through a proxy so I can play all my game systems, and run my computer and laptop off of it and everything. Every device I have can be tethered to my Wi-Fi hotspot proxy except my Roku TV. Again I will say everyone has a different reason for asking for this this one is mine.


For Christ's sakes just make this a Roku feature, and send it to us via software update. It would literally take your devs one or two weeks to make this and send it to us what's the problem? Get on it because your TV suck, people can't even plug in old game systems to the back of their coaxial on your TVs!

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