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Reel Rookie

Request for IR Remote Learning Capability on Roku Remotes

Request for mod to relay info to tech design team:

Please consider making included and replacement Roku remotes for premium Roku models, like Ultra, true learning remotes by adding the capability to learn IR commands from other remote controls for the following buttons: power, volume up, volume down, mute, A & B buttons and all of the 4 named buttons for streaming services (leaving the voice programming capability in tact if users desire only to choose a different streaming service.

Clarifying: Directions for customer programming might read: 1. "Position all remotes so that they are out of range of TV and other A/V equipment. 2. Press and hold the up arrow key on the Roku remote for three seconds until the power key flashes 3 times to indicate the remote is now in "program mode." 3. Point the Roku remote and the remote you want it to learn from head to head (IR window to IR window) at a distance of about 2-3 inches from each other, preferably on a flat surface. 4. Press the key on the Roku remote you want to program, then immediately press the OK button. The power button will flash twice to confirm. 5. Press the up arrow key on the Roku remote once. The power button will turn on steadily indicating it is now ready to receive commands from the other remote. 6. Immediately press the desired key on the sending remote for about 1-2 seconds. The Roku remote power light will turn off indicating the command has been received. 5. To program additional buttons return to step four. Note that the Roku remote remains in program mode until performing step six. 6. To exit program mode press the down arrow button twice. The power light will flash three times and turn off indicating that the Roku remote has exited program mode. Test the function of the newly programmed button(s) on the Roku remote. You are now ready to use your Roku remote."

Also, please add a second power button to the top of all Roku remotes with IR programmability and be labeled perhaps P1 and P2.

For example: In the case of using a home theater: this 2nd power button and IR learning capability would allow the Roku P1 button to be programmed for TV power, the P2 button to be programmed for the audio receiver power, the mute button to work with the audio receiver rather than the TV sound, which is not used for home theater, and the volume up and down buttons to be used with the audio receiver. Now we truly have a home theater one-remote setup for most used commands!

Thanks for making Roku even better.

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