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Level 8

Remote Channel Shortcuts

Without a Doubt

The Channel Shortcuts are a Pain in the Arse.  (Except possibly for ROKU marketing it to channels) 

Ever since my 1st ROKU 2 I personally have hated these buttons that are NOT MY CHANNELS.

I WOULD PAY FOR A REMOTE WITHOUT THESE. (ROKU Voice is partial in right direction but really don't need any pre-programmed buttons .. Roku? Who is your primary market? )

HONESTLY... I would prefer No Extra buttons over even programmable ones (actually think the only reason ROKU gets Program Questiin is the fact others hate these annoyance butting always accidentally getting to taken to channels you don't want).

From Facebook and Twitter I see most also understand that ROKU would rather make a buck selling Access to their buttons than catering to their ROKU BUYERS.


MAKE A REMOTE without these...

They Will Sell!

Level 7

Re: Remote Channel Shortcuts

I totally agree...  and I am starting to move away from Roku altogether entirely becuase of these buttons, which are WAY to close to other important buttons.  Their actual use in practice is to derail whatever I am trying to watch.


Please make a remote without them and charge $5 more if you need to...


Level 7

Re: Remote Channel Shortcuts

I fully agree! They should list them as solid colours or numbered as 1/2/3/4. That way you can select what channels you wish to use. I don't use Vudu nor Netflix. So I can't use half my controller on the bottom.