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Reel Rookie

Product Development Request: Subwoofer wireless module

If any product development folks watch forum posts:

I'm sure the Roku subwoofers are great. That said, I prefer MORE bass and I have a number of subwoofers just collecting dust, as they can't be connected to my Roku sound bars. I think there is a niche for people like me for a product that connects a standard powered subwoofer to the Roku sound bar. Some sort of module that connects wirelessly to the sound bar that includes an output cable that can connect to a non-Roku subwoofer. I can't imagine there would be much difficulty in developing such a thing, given the technology already exists - likely just a shell for an off-the-shelf wireless module. No amplification needed, just a wireless board, power, and rca pigtails. I'd happily pay  up to $49 for such a device to use the subwoofers I already have. 

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