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PRODUCT SUGGESTION: Roku Streambar for Travel

I travel a lot for work, and I currently use a Roku Streaming Stick (2017) while staying at hotels.  While the Streaming Stick works great, the built in speakers for most hotel TVs are really bad.  I considered using a Streambar for better sound, but it was too big to carry in my luggage.  My ideal Roku would be a "Streambar Mini," with the following features:

  • Size of a portable Bluetooth speaker (e.g. Anker Soundcore, Tribit Xsound Go)
  • USB powered
  • Included HDMI cable in box
  • HDMI ARC, for better sound while watching hotel TV channels
  • Remote with volume buttons
  • 1080p output
  • "Zoom display mode," for hotel TVs with overscan that can't be turned off

What would be really nice if such a device could be powered off a 500mA USB source, so it could be directly plugged into a TV's USB port for power.

Roku Guru

Re: PRODUCT SUGGESTION: Roku Streambar for Travel

Tall ask for 500ma power.

Might be better for it to come with a beefy power supply (plug into wall, ideally with a standard figure 8 power cord), and have the box include a USB hub capability so it could charge a phone at the same time when the phone is set up for hotel mode to make Roku connect.

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