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New Product/ Feature request. Multiple HDMI

I am not sure where to put this so that sometime might see it, but here goes.

I really would like to see a Roku device come out that has multiple HDMI inputs that way I could take my not so smart TV and hand it be just as smart as my ROKU TVs. 

All of my ROKU TVs have more than one HDMI input on them. But I can't get a Roku device with 3 or 4 Perry's to let the Roku be in charge of all the devices. This seems like a missed opportunity to me

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Re: New Product/ Feature request. Multiple HDMI

So, does your current TV only have one HDMI input?

If so, you can buy HDMI switcher expansion boxes that turn one input to 3-4.  Usually whichever device is powered up grabs the input automatically, although often there is a button on the switcher to allow cycling through. (Cheaper Roku doesn't have a proper on/off button to work well with a switcher).

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