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New Feature --- Fix Roku TV signal strength on OTA antenna

Generally excellent boxes -- Better than many "smart tvs" (samsung in particular) -- I have 2 Roku boxes and 2 Roku TVs -- work great.    As with hundreds of others  -- The Roku TV signal strength on OTA antenna dropped from 5 bars for most channels to 1 bar after the 10.5 update...  Please fix when you can!

I know the signal strength is "excellent" as other TVs show maximum signal strength when hooked to the same cable.

Both Roku TVs were purchased in the last half year.   One is a Philips Roku and one is an ONN Roku.   Same problem on both.  (1 bar instead of 5).  The philips one is slightly older (probably before 10.5 update) and used to show 5 bars.   Even though the signal strength displays low, the TVs find all the channels and work fine on OTA. 

Please fix this for the next software update

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