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Reel Rookie

Websockets with SSL Support

Websockets has always been a topic amongst developers on the Roku fourms for a while now. Websockets allow dynamic updates of content without polling a server directly.

Many modern websites use Websockets in 2022. My current projects require Websockets, but because the only available support for Websockets is from a community-maintained library that was last updated 10 months ago without proper SSL support since 4 years ago (tlsutil.brs) I must use BrightWebSocket without encryption.

Roku needs to keep up, not just by discarding Brightscript for the IDK. Many old Roku Models still in use today do not support the IDK, meaning that older Roku models (and ALL Roku TVs, yes, even the latest ones) would be discarded from many apps in favor of newer ones once the IDK is allowed on the Channel Store.

It would be much better to have an implementation of Websockets that work like a Task, dynamically receiving data similar to BrightWebSocket with proper encryption, while also allowing you to send data to the server if needed.

Any additional suggestions/criticisms are welcome. I would rather have this discussion than have this problem still exist within the next 4 years.