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Integrated travel router/ROKU box

I would like to see a new Roku box that has a built-in wifi router for when I travel. Just get to the hotel, plug it into the hotel ethernet port and TV and enjoy wifi and Roku without the hassle of multiple boxes.


Rechargeable with USB-C. Most modern phones use this and it would reduce the number of different cables to carry.

SD card slot.

OpenWRT firmware on the router side. This is solid firmware, is upgradeable and Roku wouldn't have to commit programmer time to new firmware.

Wifi would ping your phone and notify you when  out of range so you don't leave the box behind when you check out of the hotel.

Price: $69.

What do y'all think?


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Re: Integrated travel router/ROKU box

Would need a small screen and browser (probably) or a way to control from mobile phone.

Cheap android tablet to drive "hotel mode" might work just as well, or act as a router.

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