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Huge miss on the new remote!

I'm not actually sure if Roku monitors these forums much, but if so, some feedback:

I was super excited about the new rechargeable remote.  I've owned nearly every model Roku since the first one and love them, most of my family have them because I am on and on about them.  My only issue (aside from some recent technical issues and the lack of direct contact with support) has been how quickly the batteries die in the remote.  That's why I was pumped to see the announcement about a rechargeable remote.  It was such a huge miss that it is USB-Micro though!  I was going to upgrade all of my remotes with the assumption it would be USB-C like every other modern device (aside from Apple phones, which is why I won't go to one), glad I double checked.

The COGS on a USB-C component can't possibly be that much more than USB-Micro.  USB-Micro is so flimsy and dated.  I was so glad that all of my devices are finally USB-C because I can consolidate to one connector type for all of my devices.  Such a bummer.

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Re: Huge miss on the new remote!

Roku monitors the forums and there are Roku CS personnel here.

Agent-assisted support is generally limited by model type;  otherwise there is direct support:


There is a feedback option:

FYI: Of the 10 (or more) new USB-powered products I have purchased in the last year or so, only 3 are USB-C only/required (one has both C and Micro-B).

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