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GUEST MODE: Please allow device to be grouped

Please allow devices to be grouped so that login credentials for streaming channels could be stored and automatically shared between devices/TV’s within the group. 

In Guest mode with multiple devices within a single rental unit. It is frustrating to guests to have to login to multiple channels on each device separately.

Even in a household not in Guest Mode, it would be nice to more easily be able to share credentials so that you don’t have to go through the login process on each device / TV. If there was a group feature or a sharing feature then it would allow control over which subset of devices could easily share credentials.

With some many channels to choose to install, and the proliferation of devices that are in each household. It is time to simplify login across devices!

Love our Roku devices. Use it on every TV in our house. Have extra for travel. Use them in Guest Mode at our rental properties. And “sell” the awesomeness to everyone we encounter that are not yet enlightened!



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Re: GUEST MODE: Please allow device to be grouped

I have several Roku devices and having to enter login credentials for new channels on every one is really annoying.  I would love to have this information synced between devices.  And I agree--being able to assign devices to separate groups would be very useful if you have multiple households you manage (like the rental units mentioned or, in my case, where I'm tech support for my extended family), however I suppose you could just have multiple Roku accounts to achieve the same thing.  Multiple groups in a single account would be cooler and easier for me, but let's not let that hold up the main ask--syncing credentials between all Roku devices in a single group/account.

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