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Features to support vehicle media player

I’ve been using dedicated media players for our vehicle entertainment system and all fall short compared to the capabilities of Roku.  However, 2 seemingly simple features are required for it to beautifully integrate (Roku Ultra as the platform):

1.  The ability to launch an up during boot.  There are hacks out there and this somewhat exists in the Roku TV platforms, but a dedicated setting to specify the app (or use the last) to automatically launch during boot on the Ultra

2.  The Roku Media player saves state and immediately resumes where it left off.  This feature exists today, but doesn’t persist across restarts

The use case is:

1. Turn on the vehicle 

2.  Play a movie via the Roku Media player 

3. Turn off the vehicle

4. Turn on the vehicle.  Resume exactly where you left off.  I.E.  The Roku Media player launches and the movie resumes

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