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Channel Surfer

Re: Feature request: Block ads inappropriate for children

Completely unacceptable. Instead of us having to hide from adult content, it should be that those who want to see such things have to seek it out. The way it used to be. Private things were kept private and public life was held to a high standard. We have become a slob nation. My husband and I just had to do an about face yesterday at the mall to prevent our 10 year old grandson from seeing the F word in huge capital letters on some lowlife's shirt. What ever happened to decency? 

Binge Watcher

Re: Feature request: Block ads inappropriate for children

I agree 100%, my young daughter was able to start Sausage Party on her own but thankfully I was there to stop it. I filled a complaint against Roku through the Tennessee AG and am praying that it makes a difference. They just need to add a simple parental control function that covers the main platform. Obviously each individual app still needs to have its own controls but as a parent if you have the ability to control the main menu then you can control the apps they install.



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