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Feature Request: allow Phone App audio and tv audio at same time

Roku Please update your phone app with the ability to stream Roku device audio to the phone while not cutting out normal device audio output. 

This would be a "Huge" selling feature for "hearing impaired" individuals. People like to watch shows together, but sometimes some people just need their own audio feed to make the best experience for everyone. Using their own phone and headset would enable to share in watching programs with friends and family while listening at the most comfortable audio level for each other.

ROKU already has the "Private Audio" feature built into the mobile app and 4k ultra device to enable this feature. All you have to do is update the app so it does not tell the TV to stop outputting its normal audio. I think the ROKU Ultra 4k already does this, but why not allow all ROKU streaming devices/TV to have this capability.  This would create the best minimalist setup.

That minimal setup with out having to add more devices, cable, and remotes for workarounds is another "Another Huge Selling Feature". Especially since most people just want simple point and click home theater setup.

Anybody who reads this post hit like if you agree. Maybe enough likes will get Roku's attention.

To anybody who wants to post their work around solution

I know the existing workarounds. TV audio out signal splitter feeding a sound bar/audio setup and a transmitter for headphones. However, these setups always end up clunky with extra devices, cables, and remotes required to operate each device. I find keeping the setup as simple as possible enables the cleanest and directly functional setup, especially for older adults. Roku has shown the ability to simplify all of this down to one device and remote. All they have to do is update their software to allow their existing capabilities to enable a better experience.

"ROKU implementing these selling points is not a costly development." 

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Level 7

Re: Feature Request: allow Phone App audio and tv audio at same time

I've posted a very similar post in June of 2020. As far as I can tell, no one from ROKU has looked at the post.  I call it "Assisted Listening Mode" in addition to the "Private Listening Mode" that mutes the TV.  This would be such an easy feature to roll out.  Hopefully your post gets more traction than mine.  Good luck!