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Level 8

Feature Request: Signing into Channels from a Browser

TL;DR: If a user can add channels to their devices via the website, they should be able to sign into those services as well.

This option only appears when linking a new device to an account.  This needs to be integrated more deeply into Roku and its OS.  As someone who uses a password manager, signing into channels can get rather tedious.  Unless a channel developer provides a pairing mode, using the remote directly is almost entirely out of the question.

Users should not have to trade security for usability.  If people are to become more security-minded, Roku and other platforms should do everything possible to prevent people from using bad passwords, much less repeat them across multiple sites.

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Level 13

Re: Signing into Channels from a Browser

I hear ya there.  For some reason most companies went away from device linking using codes.

What I ended up doing is copying my password out of the password manager and then pasting it using the Android keyboard in the Roku app.  Not every app allowed me to do this, but it worked for most of them.
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