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Feature Request: Pin requirement to delete channels

Hello! I set up 4 Roku's for a condo recently and everything works perfectly except for one thing: people can delete channels. I was wondering if Roku would add an option to require the Roku PIN to delete/move channels. I looked around and even asked several people if there was an option and it appears there isn't.

If Roku adds the option would Roku also add the option to require the pin to do other things? Mainly disabling the ability to modify settings. I would really appreciate it if Roku would add the option in a software update. If anyone is curious 3 of them are Roku Express's, and 1 of them is a Roku TV.

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Setting for pin required to delete channels?

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Thanks for sharing the feedback and request here.

Currently at the moment the PIN for your Roku account is used to purchase or add channels from the Roku Channel Store. For more information regarding your PIN, you can check out our support page here:

I'll be sure to pass the suggestion along to our team!

Danny R.
Roku Forum Moderator
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