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Level 7

Feature Request: Parental Controls

Hello All,

As a parent and customer; I am requesting that Roku expand parental controls. My kids need a password to view apps/shows such as "Go Noodle" and "NASA TV" because it doesn't have a rating?! Furthermore, why can't you keep "Kid and Family" screen up all the time for the Roku channel app? If you agree please like this post and post your own comments. Let the Roku company know.

Thank you for your time.

2 Replies
Level 8

Re: Feature Request: Parental Controls

YES, please set up extensive parental controls! Or I’m leaving Roku!!!

Level 7

Re: Feature Request: Parental Controls

Agreed! There should at least be an option to add a channel to approved and therefore pinless access. It’s fine if unrated content by default requires a pin but the parent should be able to remove that requirement.