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Feature Request - My Feedback

I started with Roku when it first came out. We loved it but over time the User interface has become old. 

I have tried and tested them all. I have tried googletv, androidtv, andoid boxes, firetv and of course roku.(sorry not a fan of apple products - ecosystem too limited for me))

The 2 best options > Roku, Fire TV

We now prefer Fire Tv (We want to use Roku but not the way it is) Clunky.

So If Roku wants to continue to be the leading independent platform (not exactly independent) it needs to improve its interface.

1. Make the ROKU channel the new home screen. Yes, it is similar to Fire TV and many other streaming services. If not by default allow us to choose that option to make it the default. All the current menu choices on the left can now go to the top going across or have it pop out like Netflix. Allow the user to customize which rows\ streaming banners to include from streaming channels if available on the Roku channel screen.  

2. Provide live playing content in a rows\ streaming row for a quick view. 

3. Allow a few buttons to be programmed on the remove for your favorites, above the ones you license on the remote.

4. Improve Remote setup to find all your equipment, TV, Sound Bar, Speakers, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. Your competition does this better. The remote should always control the TV Volume, adding the ability to change the TV source would also be nice and no one else has it. Add the ability to have the buttons light up in the dark.

5. Allow Us to Auto launch a channel. This would improve Cordcutter's switch over. They are used to turning on their tv and cable is on the last channel they watched. So when in sleep mode clicking any button will wake up the device and go to you default streaming service.

6. Improve voice Commands so we can do everything from voice commands on any given channel, no one can do that. Yes, Google would be a good partner and android tv is horrible.

7. Partner or Build a better DVR that works with all the channels that provide live TV including the awesome Roku TV antenna options. 

8. Improve your search to include all channels. I understand that most of the searches are driven by revenue and licensing agreements but you can still show your banner ads, I just want to be able to search for anything on anything.

9. If you really want to be king, figure out a way to license or get local channels in a user's area without the antenna or figure out a way to include the antenna channels as a stream in ROKU so we don't have to switch. This would keep us looking at your ads - lol.

That's all for now. This is what I've learned from my years of streaming and testing. 

Look forward to your response(s).

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